Tendencias en Cosmología Moderna

Resultado de imagen de Cosmología Moderna

Abraao Jesse Capistrano de Souza. Trends in Modern Cosmology. (2017) InTech Open. DOI: 10.5772/66010


  1. The Importance of Cosmology in Culture: Contexts and Consequences

    By Nicholas Campion

  2. Constraining the Parameters of a Model for Cold Dark Matter

    By Abdessamad Abada and Salah Nasri

  3. Neutrino Interactions with Nuclei and Dark Matter

    By Paraskevi C. Divari

  4. Relativistic Celestial Metrology: Dark Matter as an Inertial Gauge Effect

    By Luca Lusanna and Ruggero Stanga

  5. Superfluid Quantum Space and Evolution of the Universe

    By Valeriy I. Sbitnev and Marco Fedi

  6. Modified Gravity Theories: Distinguishing from ΛCDM Model

    By Koichi Hirano

  7. The Impact of Baryons on the Large-Scale Structure of the Universe

    By Weiguang Cui and Youcai Zhang

  8. Cosmological Consequences of a Quantum Theory of Mass and Gravity

    By Brian Albert Robson

  9. Deformed Phase Space in Cosmology and Black Holes

    By E.A. Mena-Barboza, L.F. Escamilla-Herrera, J.C. López-Domínguez and J. Torres-Arenas

  10. Semi-Analytic Techniques for Solving Quasi-Normal Modes

    By Chun-Hung Chen, Hing-Tong Cho and Alan S. Cornell

The modern cosmology has been turned into an outstanding field of active research through the years. Today, we have more scientific data in modern cosmology than we could get rid of it, which makes the present days an exciting era for scientific knowledge. «Trends in Modern Cosmology» invites the reader to tackle the big questions of the universe from cultural aspects of cosmology and its influence on arts, philosophy, and politics to more specialized technical advances in the field as the physics of dark sector, black holes, galaxies, large structure formation, and particles. In fact, it reveals our endless searching for the better understanding of the universe as a legacy of knowledge for next generations.

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